Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sorry this one took so long, been being lazy again, also playing Sims 2 instead of 3.

And another toddler gets potty trained
 Stephen as a toddler, the only kid to inherit his mom's hair.
 Katrina is a child, for some reason even though she was fully trained the game insulted my parenting and gave her the Evil trait, argh, mind it was being glitchy in general at that particular moment, so I will blame the glitches and move on. May change it later, may not.
 And it's Serena's turn to get randomly abducted. I have no idea what their deal is.
I caught Katrina reading "A magnetic Attraction", Um, sweetie, I don't think that book is appropriate for children. 
 Family oriented sim doing the family oriented thing.
 Hikaru as a toddler, he's a cutie, glad I kept him.
 Jonah grows up, I love when they leap into the air like maniacs.
 And he grew up TASTY, the trashy shirt had to go immediately though. I hope SP is good to him and gives him lots of tasty babies...erm that came out wrong. Oh and he has the Natural Born Performer trait, hoping to have a performer for my sim fests so the game will quit annoyingly reassigning random sims to perform.
 She rolled the want to teach him to talk so we get some nice family bonding and discussion of fitness. Just prior to this she was discussing burglary. Sims have such strange notions of appropriate conversation topics with small children. Oh yes, and she has officially made it into the Thief branch of her career.
 JC knows how to discuss appropriate subjects with his spawn.
 I hope you are telling the kid NOT to play with matches Carmen.
 Lousy potty training picture.
 Carmen at the summer festival after having got her face painted WITHOUT my input. Unfortunately it rained for most of the holiday, so she didn't stick around long. I tried, but really who can blame her? Rain will put a damper on anybody's enthusiasm.
 yet another grow up pic, he has the Disciplined Trait, I'm planning on a family vacation to China, so that Katrina can meet some vacation locals, since she needs a baby daddy with hidden traits. I'll probably move the vacation local I chose in briefly so can move him into a place in town and not have to wait a day to invite him over every time.
 Katrina decides to be evil and steal candy from a baby. I kept cancelling this, but this time I missed, so I snapped a picture instead.
 Potty training. And I haven't actually selected a LTW for her yet, that's just her current preference, but I'm probably just gonna select one when she grows up to YA, which will be soon. Actually her birthday is the next sim day but I may send them all on vacation first.
 And just in time too as literally right after that he grew up into a child. This is actually the second time we did this, due to my game deciding crashing while transferring back from the stylist mode during the 2nd age transition of the night was a good idea. LUCKILY I have awesomemod's autosaver feature enabled, so I only lost a few sim hours. Still annoying. He ALSO has the disciplined trait, which was the fault of the crash, I originally gave him the neat trait, but then the game crashed, and I forgot which trait I gave him, oh well I'm kinda playing Stephen and Hikaru as "psuedo-twins" anyway.
 And the said second age transition of the night, Katrina grew up pretty, this is before I got rid of the trashy Maxis clothing choice. Also the evil eyebrows of doom. Really need to take after pictures rather then before pictures, but oh well. ANYWAY she has the Charismatic trait, all the better to seduce a random vacation local baby daddy with.


  1. Evil Eyebrows! At least she didn't get the monobrow, right? That one is truly evil. And I love how she's going to seduce her baby daddy. No love for her man! It's totally physical. lol. Can't wait to see it all.

    1. I rolled single parent, and anyway, she DOES have the evil trait lol, so it makes sense. So did the eyebrows I guess, but I have to look at her for the next however long so....

  2. *pukes at monobrow reference above*
    I have a 'thing' about eyebrows. Excuse me while I obsessively pluck mine...

    You were playing sims 2? What, are you in the dark ages or something? ;)

    Have you already finished first gen now?! (Or, nearly..) That was so quick!!

    1. still need to adopt a kid to finish the official requirements, and Katrina is heir so I need to wait for her to be YA (and kick the rest out).

      What can I say, I love my trips down nostalgia lane. Plus sims 2 loads way faster then sims 3 haha. And never freezes or crashes on me.

      I'm not writing a story cause I suck, that's why it's going by so fast.

  3. You still play Sims 2? o.O

    Hikaru is so cute! I think he's my favorite of your kids right now.

    1. I think he's cute too, I love the little space alien. SP better be nice to him when he grows up. Wish my roll for gen 2 let me keep him around as a helper.

      Why is everybody so shocked that I still play sims 2, lots of people are still playing it! lol

  4. Hikaru is super cute!
    All your kids are growing up nicely. Katrina looks great, looking forward to her travels in China.